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Trust and Feeling Supported

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One of the most challenging skills of mindful living is learning to trust yourself and the guidance your intuition offers. Your true Self is never changing and will lead you to your best and highest good.

By cultivating awareness within and connecting to your true Self, you learn to center yourself in that awareness and develop trust in yourself. You never lose that inner trust in this position as it is constant.

When you struggle mentally, emotionally, or physically, sometimes feeling spiritually connected and supported can be difficult. During those times, you may ask, “How can I trust in an invisible force to fully support me at this challenging time?” and then think, “Right now, I cannot even imagine relinquishing control and turning my future over to something I cannot see!”

I am not here to offer a simple solution to your dilemma, only to say this support is best cultivated by living in connection 24-7. It is recognizing that that connection is within you, not something outside yourself. It is also acknowledging that this connection is as natural as the flow of your breath.

My Mother was the most beautiful example of allowing herself to trust in something she could not see, relinquishing control and flowing with “God’s Grace” her entire life. I was fortunate enough to see how her faith and trust eased the pain and burdens she experienced throughout her life. She used the power of prayer to fuel her intentions and positive thinking and lessen her worry. I also saw how faith-filled she was in her later months of life.

After she was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and given three months to live, she could have feared each day, worried about when death was coming and succumbed to the pain and agony of the process. Instead, she chose to nurture her faith, inner peace, and positive outlook, resting on the spiritual support of her creator.

I encourage you to choose each day to nurture your unique feeling of being spiritually supported by your Source. Allow yourself to imagine how it feels to be fully supported mentally, emotionally, and physically by the invisible force that surrounds all of us. 

Learn to trust in this connection that you are part of something greater than yourself. In this connection to Source, you can place the intention to draw whatever is needed at that moment. For instance, whether it is peace, strength, courage, or patience.  

I encourage you this week to be aware of cultivating this practice. Develop a routine for yourself, and watch your overall thoughts and feelings improve!

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