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Let's Collaborate And Create Your Customized Mindfulness Program Or Motivational Presentation.

Stress costs American businesses $300 billion a year, according to the American Psychological Association.  Relaxed and focused employees are more productive, make fewer mistakes and handle challenges more competently that their frazzled colleagues.  A daily mindfulness practice can help an individual improve his or her attention, focus and overall health.

I will design a custom mindfulness presentation to help your employees reduce stress and rise above daily challenges through relaxation techniques and breathing exercises.

Mindfulness and meditation are ancient practices with modern benefits.  I tailor each corporate presentation to the needs of the organization.

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Companies Bring Me In When They Want To Help Their Employees:


As a former insurance company president, I understand the pressures that today’s employees – and employers – face. I bring my knowledge and expertise in mindfulness to audiences in easy-to-understand terms.

Attendees will depart on an uplifting note armed with instructions on starting their own mindfulness practice and incorporating mindfulness into their work.

When I speak, I teach how to be mindfully present, minimize attention loss, and respond vs. react to situations.

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My Customized Presentations Are Designed to Meet Your Specific Needs. Some Of My Presentations Having Included The Following But Not Limited To:

Introduction To Mindfulness

Learn how to reduce stress levels brought about by the changes and uncertainties of the current economic and health conditions.

Concentration and Focus

Improve Concentration and focus as well foster creativity and innovation. Research has shown work environments like Google, and Apple have adapted. Mindful programs to foster divergent thinking.

How to Improve Moral & Foster Mindful Leadership Skills

Mindfulness has statistically proven to help improve work environments and culture. By enhancing communication and attentiveness to others. Mindful leaders provide a calmer and clearer sense of direction while also listening and being attentive to members of the team and the organization.

Motivational Speaking

Let me inspire and motivate your audience by using reflective thought, education as well as tools and techniques with a little bit of storytelling humor and keeping it real presentation. I motivate my audiences to discover self, step into their greatness to live an authentic life of inner peace balance and bliss.

I teach my audience that the true power lies within – by being still they discover their own inner light and realize they are the master of their thoughts, emotions and state of being.


Present Centered Leadership - Leading from the Inside Out

Learn how to focus on the present moment to make each day more productive.

Elevating Your Public Speaking Skills With Mindfulness

Incorporating mindfulness into public speaking can elevate you from an average speaker to a dynamic speaker. This four-part series will assist you in applying mindfulness to presenting and public speaking. 

During My Presentations, Attendees Will:

  1. Learn how mindfulness and meditation fit in with 21st century, corporate life
  2. Understand how breath and visualization techniques help individuals relax and increase concentration
  3. Practice the breathing and relaxation techniques of mindfulness
  4. Experience a mini meditation

An Employee Mindfulness Program Can:

  1. Improve decision making by increasing an individual’s ability to process information
  2. Reduce workplace conflicts by increasing an individual’s sense of empathy
  3. Provide health benefits for employees such as reduced blood pressure and relief from insomnia, muscle aches and headaches
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I'm Nancy Gentle Boudrie

For 35 years, I've helped Business Owners and Corporations peak perform and create exponential success. Whether setting up safety programs in the transportation industry or creating multi-million-dollar independent insurance agencies, one of which was my own, I have been assisting business professionals and organizations in creating seven-figure success. Most recently, for the last 15 plus years, I've found my true passion and purpose in coaching company leaders and employees to manage high levels of stress and navigate the unprecedented challenges facing today’s organizations.

I uniquely blend my entrepreneurial business knowledge with my training in mindset skills such as Mindful Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Naropa University’s Mindful Leadership Training. Nancy teaches business professionals to be creative, innovative, and resilient during challenges to create a life of design, not one of default. Furthermore, I assist organizations in increasing morale, profitability and reducing workman’s comp claims and absenteeism by implementing programs that support employee engagement by improving mental and emotional mindset.

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I've Helped Hundreds Of Clients Achieve Results In:


* Becoming Laser Focused and Increasing Concentration Skills. 

* Developing Clear decisive, and resilient decision-making skills.

* Establishing effective communication and relationship-building skills.

* Managing Stress and Emotional Equanimity.

* Leading Effectively with Mindful Leadership Skills. 

* Fostering a Positive Outlook on Life. 

* And So Much More.....

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Danielle Diliberti, CEO Sommsation

"Nancy is very skilled in tailoring a program and the sessions to individual needs.  Our team took advantage of her personalized approach and expertise in mindfulness and meditation, with bi-weekly sessions ranging from cultivating a positive attitude to navigating stressful situations and using breath to sharpen the mind. Working with her in building a program for our team that served each person personally and professionally has been very rewarding."

Jim Routh - Board Member, Advisor, & Investor, Former CSO, CISO

"Nancy provided my team with an excellent understanding of specific techniques to improve mindfulness and improve our ability to lead in uncertain times and deal effectively with the stress related to COVID-19. The sessions that she led were instructive and very useful in helping to prepare us as better leaders."

Kathryn W. - Attendee Of An Ongoing Corporate Program

"Nancy took the time in early sessions to help us build the foundation of mindfulness. She taught us about how the mind is a muscle that needs to be exercised and just like with any exercise program, it takes time to build up that muscle. Over time I have built up the ability to stay in a mindful state for longer and longer and as a result, I am now able to “drop in” at any time to examine myself and take a moment to reset for whatever lies ahead. I can see now why it was so important to Nancy for us to take it slowly and eventually work our way up. As we have advanced further into the program, I am enjoying learning about all of the different techniques and benefits that mindfulness has to offer. I believe that overall I have become a more calm and patient person towards others and towards myself. Learning to listen and understand what my actual emotions and feelings are in difficult situations, versus how I think I should feel and react, has been an incredibly eye opening experience. Most importantly, learning how to examine those thoughts, feelings and emotions from an objective point of view has truly given me a new outlook and is helping me become more open-minded and understanding. Nancy is always a pleasure to work with. Before and after sessions, she is a friend there to talk about whatever may be going on around us and she’ll take those mental notes and tailor the sessions directly to our needs. Once the sessions begin, her tone shifts to calm and welcoming; I always feel like I am in a safe space with Nancy.”

Mike Pearson - Co-CEO and Owner, Contemporary Staffing Solutions, Inc.

"When the COVID pandemic started back in March of 2020, my company Contemporary Staffing Solutions looked for some type of solution to help reduce stress for our employees, temporary associates and customers. Nancy was the perfect fit! We worked with Nancy on multiple meditation sessions through Zoom to help support and teach up to 100 attendees the benefits of meditation. Nancy was excellent to work with! I highly recommend working with Nancy if you're looking to learn more on meditation or self-development!"


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