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Pathway To Inner Peace Featuring the 4R Method


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Create A Life You Design Not One of Default - Monday Mindful Moments

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Pathway To Inner Peace

Featuring The 4R Method

This research-backed program is designed to guide you towards living a life of fulfillment and in a more genuine way to yourself, with clarity and integrity. I provide one-on-one coaching programs, team coaching and workshops, educational curriculum, and seminars. 

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I'm Nancy

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My passion and goal is to help my clients bring a better sense of peace and balance to their lives.  I want them to connect to their power within and embrace a positive lifestyle to achieve personal and professional happiness. Let me help you bring happiness, stillness, and peace into your life.

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What My Clients Are Saying


“Nancy’s program brought me understanding to my need for finding my best self, while applying her knowledge and certifications to methods that existed in my reality, not just textbook jargon. She was able to plan an individual program that aligned to me, while teaching me more than I could have read or listen to on a podcast. My results were game changing, in my personal and professional life.” 


“Nancy has an amazing gift of being able to use visualization, the sound of voice and enlightened energy to help participants get to a state of peace and tranquility faster than any other practitioner I have experienced.  Her guided meditations leave you feeling empowered, light and with a sense of peace that permeates your whole being.  She is truly a gift to the world of new consciousness.”

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My Programs Are Customized to Fit Your Unique Needs

Pathway To Inner Peace - Featuring the 4R Method™

 This research-backed program uses proven tools and techniques that help individuals in navigating Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (commonly referred to as VUCA) that face us daily. This program is specifically designed for Corporate Executives and Business Leaders. 

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Rewire and Radiate 

My "Rewire & Radiate" one-on-one coaching programs get you physically energized, mentally clear, & emotionally calm. This program is for those individuals who  wish to create a life by design not one default! 

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Corporate Programs

Bring the power of Mindfulness to your Company, School, or Organization for stress management, improve morale and overall performance.

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