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Experience transformative growth with Nancy Gentle Boudrie's signature coaching program. Unleash your potential through personalized strategies that blend mindfulness, neuroscience, and spirituality, equipping both individuals and organizations to excel and thrive.


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The Pathway To Inner Peace: 3 Mindfulness Tools to Navigate Stress and Overwhelm

Practical Strategies for Greater Clarity and Calmness

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The High Cost of Standing Still: Key Risks

In today's relentless pace, inaction is costly, leading to a future burdened by stress and disconnection from what truly matters. Here’s what’s at risk without transformative coaching:

😦 Thriving vs. Surviving: Simply existing means missing the joy and confidence true success brings, limiting both personal happiness and professional growth.

😦 Relationships at Risk: A lack of mindfulness erodes both professional and personal connections, reducing your ability to collaborate and connect, and diminishing life's fulfillment.

😦 Lost Potential for Fulfillment: Living on autopilot leads to a life full of regrets and obscured potential, impacting both your career satisfaction and personal joy.

😦 Compromised Excellence: Without clear mental strategies and resilience, stress and burnout can keep you from your peak performance, affecting both your health and career success.

Choosing action over inaction not only avoids these risks but opens the door to a world of potential, transforming both your personal and professional lives.

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 My Promise to You

Awakening the Light Within

A Legacy of Transformation: With over 18 years of pioneering and successful transformations, Awaken With Light Inc. is not just about quick fixes. I promise profound changes that will impact both your personal and professional life.

🌱 Custom-Tailored Transformation: Every individual and organization receive solutions specifically adapted to their needs, ensuring deep, lasting change.

🌱 Founded on Neuroscience and Spirituality: My innovative blend of neuroscience, energy studies, and spiritual wisdom ensures sustainable transformation through practical, scientifically-backed methods.

🌱 Comprehensive Personal Growth: I focus on the whole person, not just professional skills. By addressing the root causes of challenges, we cultivate resilience, clarity, and enduring joy.

🌱 Dedicated Guidance: You’re never alone on this journey. My program includes continuous personal support to help you apply, adjust, and celebrate your growth at every step.

🌱 Benefits That Last: Gain lasting improvements in focus, relationships, and overall well-being, equipped with tools for sustained personal and organizational success.

🌱 Proven Results: My clients consistently achieve significant breakthroughs in stress management, enhanced work performance, and deeper personal connections. Read Our Success Stories.

🌱 Inspiring Organizational Culture: Transform your workplace with engaging presentations and workshops that foster a resilient, mindful, and proactive environment. Learn More About My Corporate Services.

Unlock your potential and meet the expert who will guide your transformative journey.


Meet Your Guide to Transformation

Introduction to Nancy:



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Nancy's Credentials and Experience:

Expertise and Authority: Nancy's comprehensive mastery in mindfulness, neuroscience, and energy work is more than extensive—it's the foundation of a transformative coaching approach honed over years of dedicated practice. Her training includes prestigious programs such as Mindful Leadership at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Teacher Certification under Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn.

A Record of Success: Nancy’s innovative methods have led countless professionals and organizations to higher performance and well-being, validating her approach with proven results.

Compassionate Approach: Renowned for her deep empathy, Nancy fosters a nurturing environment that supports client vulnerability and growth, establishing herself as a trusted mentor, not just a coach.

Innovator and Leader: A certified coach and a vanguard in her field, Nancy consistently pioneers new methods to enrich her offerings, including dynamic workshops and tailored personal coaching.

Why Choose Nancy: 

🌳 Deep Understanding: Having overcome personal challenges with stress and burnout, Nancy brings authenticity and empathy to her coaching, making her a relatable and trusted guide.

🌳 Personalized Support: Committed to your success, Nancy provides tailored strategies and continuous support, helping you achieve your personal and professional goals.

🌳 A Path Forward: As your guide, Nancy will equip you with the necessary tools and techniques to manage stress, align with your purpose, and enhance your life satisfaction.

Nancy Gentle Boudrie isn’t just a guide; she’s your partner in crafting a life and career filled with purpose, passion, and peace.

Ready to start your transformation? Nancy is here to light the way.

See Success Stories

Chris G. 

Chief Technology Officer at White Label Communications LLC

“What set Nancy apart was her ability to recognize and address the unique demands and challenges of the technology sector. She took the time to understand my individual leadership style and the complexities of my role, connecting mindfulness practices to real-world scenarios that I encounter daily. This holistic approach not only improved my decision-making and problem-solving abilities but also fostered a more empathetic and effective leadership style. Her teachings have also spilled over into my entrepreneurial endeavors, helping me navigate the multifaceted world of technology innovation with a more centered and strategic mindset. I have found myself more adaptable in the face of change and more resilient in handling the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.”

Kerri W.

Vice President, Chief Analytics Officer at Children's Hospital Colorado

"I would highly recommend working with Nancy in her Pathway to Inner Peace program. Nancy leverages the 4R method to help people connect to their values and integrated belief system to identify ways to show up and be in all aspects of life. Recognizing the alignment with purpose and values and how that manifest in your life enables growth and supports a purpose driven approach to complex problems."

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Programs To Fit Your Need:


Pathway To Inner Peace - Featuring the 4R Method™

 This research-backed program uses proven tools and techniques that help individuals in navigating Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (commonly referred to as VUCA) that face us daily. This program is specifically designed for Corporate Executives and Business Leaders. 

Learn More


Rewire and Radiate 

My "Rewire & Radiate" one-on-one coaching programs get you physically energized, mentally clear, & emotionally calm. This program is for those individuals who  wish to create a life by design not one default! 


Learn More


Corporate Programs

Bring the power of Mindfulness to your Company, School, or Organization for stress management, improve morale and overall performance




Learn More

Your Pathway to Inner Peace in Three Simple Steps

Embarking on your transformative journey with Nancy, is as simple as following these three steps. Let's begin the process of unlocking your full potential, both personally and professionally.

Step 1: Schedule Your Discovery Call

Connect With Nancy: Begin by scheduling a complimentary Breakthrough call. This no-obligation conversation allows Nancy to understand your unique challenges and goals and share how her services can help you achieve the life and career you desire.

Schedule Your Discovery Call

Step 2: Create Your Customized Plan

Tailored For You: Based on your discovery call, Nancy will craft a personalized coaching plan tailored just for you or your organization. This customized plan will address your specific goals, challenges, and aspirations, setting the stage for profound and impactful change.

Create Your Customized Plan

Step 3: Begin Your Transformation Journey

Embark With Support: With your customized plan in hand, you'll begin your coaching sessions with Nancy. Alongside, you’ll receive continuous support and resources to help you apply what you learn, ensuring lasting changes and real results.

Begin Your Transformation Journey

Start Today: Your pathway to a life and career filled with purpose, passion, and peace awaits. Let Nancy Gentle Boudrie guide you towards the fulfillment you deserve.

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The Pathway To Inner Peach: 3 Mindfulness Tools to Navigate Stress and Overwhelm

Practical Strategies for Greater Clarity and Calmness

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My passion and goal is to help my clients bring a better sense of peace and balance to their lives. Let me help you bring happiness, stillness, and peace into your life.

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What My Clients Are Saying


“I am a client of Nancy’s and know her as both an executive coach and life coach. Her approach to bringing mindfulness, confidence and self-authenticity to professional and personal life has helped me immensely. Nancy’s techniques and guidance can assist individuals in leading more balanced, productive, and fulfilling lives. I highly recommend her.”


“I met Nancy nine months ago when I was struggling with my sales skills and emotions after the loss of a loved one. I was surprised at how quickly Nancy was able to help turn things around for me. A few months after we first met I increased my sales and was able to take the success and move into my first apartment. Six months later I was promoted to a Director role in the company I work for and could not have done it without the guidance and continued support of Nancy. She has really changed the course of the last nine months and I look forward to seeing what else she can do to help me excel even more next year.

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