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The Power of Perception

inner peace intuitive reading life coach mindfulness mindset Apr 04, 2023

Today’s mindful moment focuses on “The Power of Perception” and how your thoughts and feelings create your perceptions that directly impact the outcome.

My one-on-one clients learn right at the start the teachings of Dr. Joe Dispenza. In his book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, he shares research that directly links DNA changes to a positive emotional state and clear intention or thought.

I love how he explains this experience. You move from cause and effect (waiting for something outside of you to make a change inside of you.) To cause an effect (changing something inside you to produce an effect outside of you).

Ever notice “The Power of Perception”, when you change your perception of something for the better, the situation turns out better than you imagined?

This week, see if you can begin by mindfully living life, causing a positive effect.

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