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The Power of Mindful Reflection

anxiety burnout life coach meditation mental wellness mindfulness mindset peace of mind press release Apr 11, 2023

Recently, as I focused on overcoming inner criticism through mindful reflection, I’ve noticed that emotions such as guilt and shame, which stem from feeling tough on myself and undermine my self-confidence and self-worth, tend to snowball and consume more bandwidth than I care to admit. Can you relate to experiencing such contracted emotions?

However, utilizing the tools I teach, I recognized that this state of being sabotaged my joy and peace of living here and now. It was also creating a feeling of overwhelm and exhausted in my life.

Carrying all these lower-feeling emotions felt burdensome.

As the feeling persisted, I knew it was time to take a sacred pause and mindfully explore the deep emotions that I was experiencing.

By allowing myself to mindfully process these complex emotions with compassion, kindness, and curiosity, I could see what triggered these thoughts and feelings.

I realized that coming out of my comfort zone and exploring new, unfamiliar, and uncertain experiences triggered a feeling of not feeling safe and secure.

That set me on the trajectory of a series of inner critical thoughts and feelings- like a snowball picking up speed and size.

By taking that moment to rest in reflection and going within to observe with love and kindness, I allowed those feelings to be seen, processed and then moved out.

This week, let’s kick our inner critics to the curb and make room for some self-love and compassion! As we focus on overcoming inner criticism through mindful reflection, I challenge you to take notice of those moments when your inner voice gets a little too harsh. Instead of letting those negative emotions consume you, take a moment to pause, breathe, and process those feelings with kindness and love. Trust me, your higher self will thank you for it!

Your higher self will thank you for caring!

Need help learning the skills to navigate triggers and deep emotions? Allow me to share my proven methodology, which has been transforming lives for over 15 years. Reply to this email, and let’s start a dialogue to see if my program is right for you.

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