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Stress Management through Positive Thinking

anxiety burnout embrace the power within empowerment law of attraction life coach mental wellness mindfulness mindset monday mindful moments personal development positive living positive mindset self care self development self discovery stress management Jul 05, 2022

Many moons ago, I used to be consumed by worry, or what I convinced myself I was doing was planning for the worse, and then if I got something better- bonus!!  

But I came to realize my thoughts create.  My thinking is like planning for future events.  I can choose to focus on what I desire to experience or the latter. It’s my choice.  

Choosing to live this way is not seeing life unrealistically; quite the contrary.  I can prepare and plan but focus on the desired outcome.  Keep myself aligned with self-assuredness, what I appreciate in the present moment, and keep my eye on the prize.  Even if that focused intention is simply inner peace as I navigate through the unknown.  

The key is trust in the Universal laws of manifestation.  I am the creator of my reality. What are you thinking about?  This week I encourage you to live aware.

Remember, you have a choice.  Please choose wisely as it creates your reality.

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Choosing to co-create I life I want to live, Nancy    


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