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Today’s Mindful Moment is taking a moment to center and tune into your body.

Gently note how your breath is flowing.  Allow your breath to flow in and out naturally.

This mindfully aware exercise holds wisdom for you; if the breath is quick and erratic vs. rhythmic and smooth, you can tell whether you are feeling stressed or relaxed.

Begin scanning the body. Gently observe areas that feel tense or tight or maybe experiencing pain.

Now, with the same love and compassion, you would speak to a friend or loved one.

Ask the cells of the body what they need. Greet with an open mind and be still and note what comes to mind. Maybe they need more water, healthy eats, perhaps some movement or more rest.

The key is to tune in without judgment, just curiosity, and trust what your intuition tells you. You are also training the body that you are tuning into it.  By doing so, you can respond when you are in stress or distress and then take appropriate action to encourage regulation. The body is a fantastic mechanism that can regulate stress levels. 

The key is self-awareness and then self care.  The body does speak. Are you listening?

Enjoy a week of mindfully tuning in! 

As always, I am here to assist if you find yourself experiencing high levels of stress, and/or  burnout.  My proven programs teach you how to understand your stress as well as manage stress so you can peak perform!

Mindfully, Nancy


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