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Going Through the Motions of Life

anxiety burnout embrace the power within empowerment law of attraction life coach meditation mental wellness mindfulness mindset monday mindful moments positive living positive mindset self care self development self discovery stress management Jun 28, 2022

Do you find yourself stuck in a pattern that is not beneficial or in alignment with what you want?

 Be mindful of when you have these feelings and choose to see the emotions as simply indicators that you are not in alignment with your desires or goals. Accept that emotions come and go- ebb and flow. You hold the power to change your feelings and thus your thoughts and the patterns you create with both.  

By developing a stillness practice, you can foster an ability to learn to observe without emotional attachment or judgment.   Through this quiet stillness or meditation, you can create a clear objective picture of yourself. Once you let go of the emotion, you allow space for something new to happen, new thoughts, and a different way of life.

This week I encourage you to take time to connect in stillness.   If you already have a practice, I encourage you to look objectively at yourself to see if it is time to change things up and get out of an unconscious pattern that doesn’t serve.

Sometimes, all we need is a fresh perspective! Have a beautiful week, and know I am here to cheer you on!!!

Wishing all the best,


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