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Finding Inner Peace: Embracing Self-Awareness & R.E.S.T.

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We often allow the world around us to influence and change how we feel in the present moment. Embracing self-awareness, a life experience can profoundly alter our perspectives on ourselves, others, and the world within mere minutes. 

Be self-aware of your emotions, thoughts, and bodily sensations during stressful life situations.
Notice if you feel or observe any discomfort; Recognize the wisdom that you may be attached or holding on to something as it relates to this experience.  

Clarity comes best from a non-judgmental, curious observational standpoint. At times, this view can be pretty challenging to obtain.   In those moments, I encourage you to apply one of my favorite mindful exercises, the acronym R.E.S.T. Here is a quick description of each letter.  

R is for RELAX your attention. Take a moment to rest in the spaciousness of just being.   

Rolling right into the following letter, E Release the need to strive at this moment. EXHALE and EMPTY all striving. Accept what is occurring in the present moment, release effort of what should or shouldn’t be happening.  

Next, S– sense the SILENCE and SURRENDER. The concept here to cultivate is spaciousness, and silence can’t be turned off by any external noise. I equate it to the quarterback in a noisy arena; all he hears is his heart beating. He is in the zone.  

Last, be not least, T is for TUNE in and TRUST your personal experience of being aware.   By choosing to cultivate R.E.S.T throughout our cells and our state of being, when we feel our stress levels rise, we gain resilience and empowerment. We manage our stressors and cultivate a sense of balance and inner peace.  

Let’s invite REST in our moments throughout this week. Experience the power in being!   

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Living with Self Awareness and Cultivating Inner Peace,


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