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Coping With Holiday Stress

anxiety feelings holidays mental wellness monday mindful moments stress thanksgiving Nov 20, 2023
Thanksgiving Holiday

Today's Mindful Moment is about coping with holiday stress. For many, Thanksgiving is the start of the madness.

Maybe you return to a hometown with wounds that no longer feel like you. Or perhaps you have to be with people whose relationships have been strained or have caused you pain, or there are those in your family that cause you agitation.

The holidays can be filled with happiness and celebration, but at the same time, they create stress within us.

Remember, you can only control how you show up and respond in that environment. I encourage my clients in preparation for that moment, to begin to change the lens from dread or trepidation to celebrating the present moment, looking for moments of gratitude and appreciation. The silver lining, if you will.

The best way to do that is through mindfulness. Dialing in and being aware of how we feel emotionally, the thoughts we create, and the perceptions we create in that experience.

I encourage you to observe your feelings and thoughts this week. Accept, allow, and acknowledge each feeling; in doing so, you create mental space around the experience and witness what is occurring without becoming entangled in it.

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Remember, you are more than your emotions and your thoughts, much more. Emotions are meant to ebb and flow. Accept, allow, and acknowledge them and permit them to move out.
Recognize when you get caught in validating and affirming them. Such actions create suffering for ourselves.

Here is a 9-minute video I released years ago with a guided meditation to support this mindset.


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