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Are you being your authentic self right now?

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Sometimes the most arduous task we may have is to stand in our truth, being who we are, not what others want us to be. 

The question is, are you aware of your authentic self? 

Often, we are conditioned to be a certain way that we have strayed off the path of being ourselves.  

When we live mindfully aware, we notice how we show up at any given moment and then note how it feels mentally, emotionally, and physically in the body.  

As you begin to build awareness, we start to self-discover.

Today’s mindful moment is to draw attention to how you show up in life and how you feel about showing up that way.

You hold the power to create the life you want to live, and it begins with awareness.

I challenge you to live aware this week. Notice how experiences are interpreted within you, emotionally, mentally, and in the body.  

Ask yourself, does this feel aligned with who I want to be at this moment?

As you begin interpreting life this way, you can start living a more authentic life. I recognize it is not as simple as that, but it’s a starting point. Remember, I always say awareness is power.  

Awareness is the foundation of living a life you design.

Sure, it comes with challenges and unease, but I promise you this is where peace, joy, and fulfillment reside.  

It lies within you- you have to top into the wellspring.   

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Make it a great week, Nancy!




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