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Understanding Mindfulness vs. Awareness: Empower Your Present

mindfulness wellness Sep 07, 2023
Mindfulness vs. Awareness

First and foremost, today, we celebrate Labor Day in the US. On this holiday, we honor all workers across this great nation for contributing to making America strong and prosperous.

I want to take a mindful moment to say I appreciate every one of you!

This week’s food for thought, I want to reflect on mindfulness and awareness.

In talking about mindfulness and awareness, I have noticed that people often use these words as if they were interchangeable.

One may live in awareness. However, that does not mean that they live mindfully aware. Being aware is noticing; judgment and analysis can come into this awareness, perception, and belief.

To be mindful is to be purposefully aware of the purpose of the current moment, free of judgment, and in observation mode. Observation mode is simply viewing things as they are. Noticing how you feel and think about this experience.

You can be aware that you are eating but not eating mindfully. You can be aware of anger within, but are you being mindful of your anger? Choosing to live mindfully is living purposefully in the present and seeing the experience as it is at that moment.

Please notice when you are aware and mindfully aware this week. It is empowering because you can see the present moment with a sense of neutrality and no emotional attachment. This neutral space makes it easier to choose your response. Please give it a try!

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