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The Power of Mindfulness: Regaining Control of Your Life

mindfulness personal development self care Oct 16, 2023
Power of Mindfulness

Is life running you? Or are you running your life?

For me, spring of 2023 began slowly and subtly to suck me into a feeling of life pulling me in multiple directions. I was riding the high of the first quarter, slaying my goals, and wanted to continue moving onward and upward, setting lofty business goals for myself and personal health and fitness goals. Life was also throwing its curve balls to distract and demand my attention, but practicing mindfulness helped me regain control.

It's like the perfect storm that created a feeling that life was running me instead of the other way around.

Have you ever felt like what I was experiencing?

I knew what was happening and kept thinking:
"I'll get on top of this."
"This situation is only temporary, just a bit longer, Nancy; it will all balance out."
"This is necessary right now, but I'll gain control over it."

But, what was happening to me was a feeling of being overwhelmed and exhausted.

Today, as you read this post, I ask you to observe what is occurring in your life at present. With no judgment, just curiosity, am I falling victim to the demands in my life, or am I using the power of mindfulness to regain control?

I encourage you to do what I have been doing since this sensation came to my awareness. Take a pause. Be aware. Take a couple of breaths and connect within using the techniques of mindfulness.

Then ask yourself such questions like, what is a priority? Is this the best use of my time? Will it assist me in achieving my goals from a balanced perspective? How does this feel to me? Is this how I want to show up in my life? Allow yourself to just be with yourself and explore.

In doing so, you take back your power. Sure, there are times we will come off the rails; it happens to all of us. But the power lies not only in the awareness but in the pause.

The power of the pause resets and re-aligns you to move faithfully forward from a balanced state of being, thanks to the positive impact of mindfulness.

Let me know if you find this blog post helpful.

I always like to know if you found value in my content. 😊

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