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Embracing the Power of Awareness and Renewal

mindfulness monday mindful moments Oct 09, 2023
Power of Awareness and Renewal

It is such a pleasure to be back with every one of you!

I thoroughly enjoyed my time away to unplug from work and plug into the beauty of nature! 🍃

A journal entry inspires this week’s moment of mindful reflection I made while I was away.

I used this time to choose to reset the lens through which I viewed my world. I challenged myself to re-evaluate what was important to me professionally and personally. I challenged myself to explore what lights my fire every day. What brings me joy, and what drains me. Where do I want my focus to be in all areas of my life?

I encouraged myself to use my sitting meditation/prayer-filled practice and hiking meditation practice to explore my inner landscape and the answers to important questions for myself.

We are constantly evolving and changing - just as the seasons change, so do we.How often do we unconsciously and consciously choose what we know or are familiar with rather than what we desire to be, do, or have?

As you go about your week this week, I challenge you to question what is in your awareness. It is in your awareness to be questioned! Awareness is the power to adjust, pivot, and change!

I ABSOLUTELY ADORE the answers that followed and the subtle changes I have made since I have returned. I genuinely feel refreshed, renewed, and replenished!

I am reset and ready to greet this last quarter of 2023!

If you want to learn more, I will share this life-changing epiphany with you! I have already incorporated this process in my coaching/mentoring program, having positive results in this first week!! Let’s make this last quarter of the year the quarter you step into a life you design!

Let’s greet the present moment with newness. You don’t have to go away to re-evaluate, replenish, and reset! Who’s with me?!

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