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Awaken Your Habits: A Journey to Mindful Living and Transformation

habit life coach monday mindful moments Nov 07, 2023
Forming and Breaking a Habit

Do you have an unhealthy habit you are struggling to break? Or do you have a healthy habit you are trying to make a habit but are finding it difficult to adopt? Are you asking yourself why this is so darn hard to break or begin?

Our brain has a simple default mode for our responses in life. First, you have a trigger, then there’s an accompanying behavior, and the outcome is either a result or a reward. This behavior is automatic; it is how habits are formed. Being in this habit mode is like unconsciously putting yourself on autopilot.

First, you must recognize what you are doing. I tell my clients awareness is power. Be aware of the habit and see it for what it is. Don’t judge it; just see it.

Secondly, explore and understand the reward or result achieved from the behavior.

Mindfulness teaches us to witness our own life experiences. I like to use the analogy that it is like watching our own life movie.

Then ask yourself, what will this give me? Is this in my best interest?

Living mindfully aware, you observe with love and kindness how you are showing up in the present moment. It is at that moment you have the power to change.

Taking that powerful pause, you can reevaluate the behavior. It’s not forcing yourself to change or berating yourself for not changing; instead, it sees it for what it is and encourages a state of willingness and neutrality to navigate.

This week I encourage you to apply this to a habit you are trying to break or start.

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