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Present and Empowered: A Guide to Embracing the Now

being present embrace the power within emotions mindfulness Nov 13, 2023
Being present

As we begin a new week- let's take a moment to pause together.

Connect to your breath, and gently notice what you notice now. Notice what has your attention. 

Allow yourself to be still and present in the here and now.

Notice where your thoughts are, what your body feels like, and what you feel emotional about. There is no wrong answer; there is only what is.

Look at it with no judgment. Bring a sense of curiosity to the experience.

Your thoughts are simply thoughts; your emotion only tells you what you feel now.

They come and go like waves crashing and receding. 

Remember, you only experience an emotion; you are not your emotions. Furthermore, your thoughts reflect your feelings and are not always facts. Most of the time, your thoughts are your perceptions.

You are not a victim of either one. Thoughts and emotions are your responsibility. Don't give your power away. Be the master of them.

Please take moments in your day to be the observer. See what your bandwidth is. You have the power to change those emotions and thoughts.

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