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Join me for a Mindful Pause

anxiety burnout e embrace the power within empowerment Jul 17, 2022

Today’s Monday Mindful Moment is all about taking that mindful pause.

Join me for just a moment, stop what you are doing and take a moment to center and tune into your body.

* Allow your breath to flow in and out naturally.

* Begin scanning the body, tuning into the areas that feel tense or tight.

* Gently note the areas that ache or have pain.

* Breathe into that region of the body and image, offering the same love and compassion you would give to a friend or loved one, give to yourself.

* Now ask the cells in your body what they need.

* Listen.

Maybe they need more water, healthy eats, some movement or maybe more rest.

The key is to tune in without judgment, just curiosity, and trust what your intuition tells you.

The body is always speaking. Are you listening?

Wishing you a week of mindful awareness!


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