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Fostering Resilience: Prioritize Mental Health

mindset peace of mind personal development positive living positive mindset stress management May 09, 2023


This week I encourage you to prioritize your mental and emotional health.

How can you foster a state of being that is helpful to your overall health?

It’s not selfish; it’s necessary.

The demands of work and managing personal responsibilities can weigh you down. Other times you can glide through the challenges seamlessly.

Why is that?

We are affected not only by our life challenges but by all those around us—the collective energy. Living aware of how you feel mentally, emotionally, and physically is vital to peak performance in all aspects of your life.

This week I encourage you to live with self-awareness. Noticing how you feel is the first step. Then, what we will you do to promote resilience? Each of us is uniquely different.

I look for opportunities to walk in the woods near my home, weather permitting, or spend time reading my favorite book in my dad’s “smoking” chair. The key is to make time for yourself. It isn’t a luxury but a necessity.

What do you need to reset and recharge?

This week may feel like a week of ease for you; if so, encourage yourself to maintain that ease. It’s all about balance. If you are feeling low energy and weighed down by life, may this serve as a reminder to make time to cultivate resilience? Your mental, emotional, and physical health depends on it.

Need assistance? A gentle reminder, my specialty for the last 18 years is being a mindset and mindfulness expert. Using an innovative and cutting-edge approach, I developed called the Pathway to Inner Peace- Featuring the 4R method – blending science, mindfulness, and spirituality to achieve transformational growth in my clients both personally and professionally.

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