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Finding Passion and Purpose

authenticity happiness mindful moments passion purpose Feb 13, 2024

This morning, I was reflecting and journaling on what I am grateful for. It lead me to explore all aspects of my life.

What do I love doing most in my profession? My list was filled with bullet points, but one that jazzes me the most is helping people awaken their passions and purpose. My train of thought and journaling led me to create this week's mindful moment for this week...

What does passion and purpose mean to you?

What does it look like?

Close your eyes; what does it feel like?

Your core values lead you to what matters most to you. Exploring and answering those questions for yourself directs you to your true north—a life of purpose, passion, and, most importantly, authenticity and truth for self.

Align with your most profound truths, what you hold as your core values, and you are living with passion and purpose.

Allow me to assist if you find this cloudy, confusing, and unsure. I have helped hundreds of people just like you. Take the first step to reach out and schedule your breakthrough call. That call alone will bring clarity and calm. It has for many.

We can get caught up in our daily routines and to-do lists and sleepwalk through our lives, just going through the motions and getting by. Such a way of living can leave us empty, sluggish, and lifeless.

Today, encourage yourself to get clear on what matters most to you. Encourage yourself to live intentionally—the person you want to be. Encourage compassion, kindness, calmness, and peace for yourself.

Live life deliberately today. Make choices that fill you with ease, healthiness, and happiness. It's a choice. It is your deliberate choice and the greatest gift you can give yourself and the world around you.

I encourage you to do this anytime you feel caught up in life situations or feel lost as you wander through your day. Come to your center, align with self. I can help you discover what this is for you if you are unsure.

Life is meant to be experienced with passion and purpose. The world needs you to show up in your truths, your authenticity!


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