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Harnessing the Power of Morning Pages for Personal Growth

personal development Sep 11, 2023
Personal Growth

Today’s mindful Moment is inspired by the shifts and changes I am currently experiencing in my own life personally and professionally.

One of my favorite exercises to do when I am feeling a shift or change, a period of self-awareness that I am going through some growth, is something called “morning pages.” This exercise was introduced to me when I interviewed Julia Cameron on my Gentle Power Radio, Voice America (hyperlink: radio show.

The idea is to begin your day writing in a journal whatever comes to mind. These thoughts do not need to be complete sentences just allow your consciousness to flow out on paper. This exercise can have a profound and transformational impact. So much so that Julia has sold millions of copies of her book The Artist’s Way. (hyperlink:

Expressing myself through writing is not only therapeutic for me but can be where I gain my greatest inspiration. Sometimes I feel God is using me to communicate something to others. This is a process that cannot be forced.

I begin by centering myself and connecting to source, God for me; I imagine each breath I take allows the love and light of the field energy all around me to flow, awakening the light within me. That light is the ‘I am” or God. Then I begin and allow my creativity to flow.

At first it may seem robotic but as I allow just thoughts to flow from me, I can see the art that is being created.

As you go about your week, I encourage you to try morning pages for yourself especially if you are going through a challenge or growth period in your life.

I also want to share that you will not get a Mindful Moment the next three weeks as I am excited to take some time off. I will return with a renewed sense of self the week of October 9nd.

Remembering this is a journey not a destination.


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