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Cultivating Mindful Presence: Empower Your Daily Life

gentle reflection mindfulness monday mindful moments Aug 29, 2023

One of the best skills I have cultivated and continue to develop is the discipline to live mindfully aware of the present moment. In today's environment, this can be challenging. Between the rapid-fire pace we have created and the instant connection to our phones, emails, and texts, for instance, we can find ourselves three steps ahead of the present moment. In other words, doing whatever you're doing and being present while doing it can be a difficult task.

But I encourage you to take note of the details of this present moment. Some would call it being grounded. Begin to be present in the experiences throughout your day. See, feel, and fully immerse yourself as best you can in each experience. I also encourage you to take it a step further and notice the order of events and synchronicities. Over time, you will view the moments in your day differently.

Choose to see the clues or directives shown to you. They will affirm what you know to be true at the very core of your being. By living consciously aware, you become the co-creator of your life because you have chosen to live with a heightened sense of awareness.
Taking notice of each moment's details can give you a better sense of presence in life's daily moments. You will gain a greater awareness and overall sense of peace and empowerment in co-creating your day!

If you want to learn to live more fully and tap into the wellspring of peace and empowerment of living a life you create, reply "Yes" to this email, and I will share the next steps.

Taking it all in,


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