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Cultivating Mindfulness and Embracing New Beginnings

conscious awareness habit change mindful breathing mindfulness mindset shift new possibilities personal development positive thinking self-awareness Feb 20, 2024

Today is the first day of the rest of your life!
Charles Dederich 

I can see this quote in Mrs. Rainey's 6th-grade classroom right above the blackboard. This was my first exposure to living an essential attitude of mindfulness, a beginner's mind. She challenged us to live each new day with a clean slate and an opportunity to begin again.

In this week's moment of reflection, I encourage you to do the same.

So, how do we change the way we perceive the present moment?

Simply put, bring conscious awareness to the here and now.

What is your emotional set point?

This set point creates thoughts that influence how you perceive the present moment.

We are creatures of habit– Notice if it is the same old, same old. Observe, don't judge it, but know you hold the power to change it.

It is this awareness of making the conscious choice to take a sacred pause that you either unconsciously and habitually respond or consciously and confidently move to create a change.

Next, bring your awareness to breath. Experience the inhale and your exhale. Tune in and intentionally and purposefully; choose how you want to feel in this moment, the thoughts you want to create, and notice how your body feels. (if you need assistance developing this awareness - I got you!).

Notice if you are trying to justify and validate why you feel this way and need to anchor into this thought pattern.

It's A-okay, but ask yourself if it is serving you and those around you.

How does it feel?

Negative thoughts take way more effort than positive ones.

But the challenge lies in breaking habits of negative thoughts.

That first step to consistently shift your thinking is the most difficult. (That's why many of the folks I work with were trying to do this independently and recognized that the change would happen much faster if they got assistance. The best part is they have tools and personalized recordings they can access for a lifetime!) Want to hear what they have to say about working with me? Click here

This week, I encourage you to cultivate a mind open to new possibilities.

Allow today to be seen like you are seeing each moment for the first time. Avoid getting stuck in your expertise and remain open and receptive to seeing experiences differently.

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