Let’s create a customized self-discovery program just for you!

Self DiscoveryAll it takes to change your life is a customized self-discovery program to fit your unique needs. Whether you’re suffering from physical or emotional pain, a personalized program of five-60 minute sessions or five-90 minute sessions, can give your mind, body, and spirit the assistance they need for the betterment of your entire being.

Like all programs that modify behavior, time and commitment are essential. Each self-discovery program is specially and individually crafted just for you with a winning combination of services including:

    • Energy Work (Usui Reiki or Integrative Energy Therapy Sessions) – Energy work assists in clearing and balancing the energy, flowing in and around the body that sustains our life. Click here to learn more about Reiki Services with Nancy.
    • Instruction on the Tools and Techniques of Meditation – (including guided meditations). Together we will develop a practice that will help you in your self-discovery and development while at the same time brings you to a more peaceful state of being. To learn more about the benefits of meditation, click here.
    • Intuitive Angel Readings – Answer questions and give guidance along the way as a certified Angel Intuitive trained by the world renowned Doreen Virtue. I will share my intuitive gifts to assist you in uncovering esoteric messages and revelations specific to you that will help in your evolution and awakening toward your Spiritual being.
    • Positive Thinking Instruction – I will help you to draw that which you desire using skills and techniques of such leaders in the Law of Attraction as Abraham, Hicks, and Michael Losier. I will also incorporate concepts of spiritual teachers such as Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton, and Gregg Braden that bring backgrounds from the sciences, metaphysical studies, and quantum physics.

After your free 30-minute consultation, Nancy will be able to map out your journey to a peaceful and enjoyable self-discovery! All services are available via phone, skype or in-person.

Nancy has several packages available to you, commit to 5-60 minute sessions and receive a $75 discount or save $105 for 5-90 minute sessions or you may pay as you go.

​Nancy’s self discovery program​ was my answer to shedding an old skin and growing a new. It was a key component to discovering my authentic self. Nancy Gentle Boudrie’s gifts as a healer and her intuitive nature enabled my healing process to begin with my first Reiki session. Her power, strength, compassion, and empathy allowed me to gain a deep understanding of some long standing issues/blocks in my life…giving me increased clarity and insight going through a divorce and grieving the loss of my mother. I am extremely grateful for this experience of a lifetime. I have a greater sense of calm, inner strength and spiritual gratitude. Anyone with an ailment or concern or just a desire to enhance well-being would benefit from Nancy’s skillful blend of healing modalities. Her gentle encouragement and guidance in my mentoring sessions and her powerful connection to our life force energy empowered me to evolve and claim the life I desired: a life of abundance and joy!
– Kristin

I saw Nancy’s website and decided that perhaps she could help me with some of these problems. What a great decision that turned out to be! What I received was so much more than I ever hoped for! Nancy’s compassionate personality radiated through our entire first visit so I was immediately put at ease. I knew that if I really wanted resolution to the emotional and physical problems that were bothering me, I would need more than just one session. I committed to the mentor program of 5, one hour weekly sessions and I am so very thankful that I did. Each week, the Reiki session and Nancy’s guidance, gently highlighted and released areas of negativity and anger that I was totally unaware I was carrying. Also, the time in-between sessions provided insights that were astonishing. By week 5, I felt calm and joy-filled in a way that I thought had been lost to me. I felt totally awake and aware instead of just muddling through life sort of “flat.”
– Maureen