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Learn How to Release Fear and Choose Hope 4-Class Guided Meditation Series

Are you feeling anxious and fearful? This 4-class guided meditation series will help you release the paralyzing grip of fear and help you to cultivate a new mindset where the possibility of hope exists. Learn how to use the principles of mindfulness, visualization, mantras, and affirmations in a guided meditation format so you can find a clear path to a receptive and peaceful mind. Note, if you have already purchased this item click here to go to the recordings.

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Claim Inner Peace 4-Class Meditation Series Recordings

This 4-Class Meditation Series by Nancy Gentle Boudrie will help you to cultivate and maintain a sense of inner peace and contentment. When you feel depleted and drained by negative media and social experiences around you listening to this 4-class series will help you! Note:  If you have already purchased, click here to access.

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Reboot Your Life 4-Class Meditation Series Recordings

This Series will help energize your mind, body, and spirit! Nancy Gentle Boudrie will guide you through meditations to help you live life with a fresh and new perspective. Mindful techniques will be taught to help you learn how to deal with and maintain calm during emotionally charged situations. You will learn how to harness your inner power to keep balance and peace in your life. Note:  if you have already purchased, click here to access.

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Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Old Programming

Nancy Gentle Boudrie teaches mindful awareness skills to explore deep emotions and thoughts surrounding questions like, “Do I settle for less than I desire?” or “Do I believe I cannot have or achieve something?” What holds us back from going for it? Learn how you can release such self-sabotage and step into your greatness and live life with passion and purpose. This 40-minute guided meditation will help you to connect to your heart center since this is where truth and authenticity resides. Note, click here if you have already purchased and enter the password.

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Hit Toxic Emotions Head On and Release

Learn how you can hit toxic emotions head on and release them for good in this 50-minute guided instructional meditation by Nancy Gentle Boudrie. Note, click here if you have already purchased and enter the password.

Welcome Inner Balance CD

If you want to reduce stress, increase confidence and welcome inner peace, join Nancy on a 60 minute visually guided meditation to bring the vital life force energy that runs in and around the body into balance. By integrating this sense of inner balance, listeners begin to experience a more natural state of well being in mind, body and spirit. Click here to purchase.

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Align Your Energy for a Prosperous Life

Join Nancy Gentle Boudrie for a guided meditation that will bring you into a receptive relaxed state of mind that will allow you to clear and balance your vibration by changing your emotions and thoughts. Our natural state of being is to live happy, healthy, and whole. This meditation will assist you in tapping into your natural state of well-being.

Longer Length Guided Meditations

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