Meditations with Nancy

Information about Nancy’s upcoming guided meditations offered on Saturday mornings at 10 AM at the Awaken With Light Studio in West Chester, PA:

May 13-Let Go of Emotional Attachment and Claim Peace

Learn how to be aware when you are embroiled in emotion and how to detach and be at peace during the challenge.

May 20-Chakra Clearing Balance

A guided exercise to clear each of the seven energy centers in the body to claim a sense of balance and lightness.

June 3-Let Go of Toxic Mindsets and Feel Energized

Learn how to recognize toxic thought patterns, how to process them and release and replace them with what you want.

Drop into the studio $20 per session or purchase the 3-meditation recordings for $16. The recordings will be emailed directly to your inbox!

Note, if you wish to attend a meditation at the studio please call Nancy 484-876-1048 to RSVP.

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